AAA Engineering Services is comprised of three divisions. First is our home inspection sector. We've performed more than 4,000 home inspections in both N.Y. and N.J. and have been recognized as the leader in quality , affordable home inspections for over 10 years. Our second department is our environmental services division . This sector deals with all manner of environmental issues such as asbestos , mold , radon gas , and termite and exterminating concerns. We offer remediation and consultation options for all. We have recently added commercial and residential duct and vent cleaning to our services as well . Our third division is our construction management and consultation group. We offer the finest in building , remodeling and renovation services as well as consultations for everything from structural engineering to home restorations.

   At AAA our people make us who we are . We have currently on staff three inspectors , two environmental specialists , a master carpenter and builder, and two structural engineers. We are fully licensed and insured in both N.Y. & N.J.
   As we have never advertised , our business is based solely on the recommendations  of attorneys and real estate professionals, both of whom put their trust and reputations in our expertise and integrity. We know that trust in business has to be earned and at AAA Home Services , we strive to make prompt, professional and reliable not just catch phrases, but our way of doing business. As always we welcome your questions and comments.